Friday, April 22, 2011


listen to me
im sorry for wht i did before
u know the reason
WHY i did it,through
and yeah i messed it all up
and we all mke mistakes.i had no
idea wht i was getting myself into
but anyways i just wnted to say dat
i really am SORRY

to create is to destroy

life is about getting up out of ur chair
& doing is about doing
nthng.making a mess.moving ur hand
& ur body.leaving a is
about doing.action.finishing.
experimenting.trying smthng. is about absurdity.
a creation.evidence dat u exist.
using is about fun.
doing de oppsite.breaking de rules.
it is about ideas.getting drty.making mistakes.
i'm going 2 takes u to make a mark
& it's going to bbe messy.
don't worry about dats.
dats de point.